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The truck hiring process can only be made transparent when the fleet owners and the transporters are fully aware of the current market conditions. When the transportation company and the fleet owner have full information about the prevailing conditions of the market, only then the price of the truck that is getting hired for a specific route can be accurately finalized. If the transparency in the system can be achieved then both the fleet owner and transporter can enjoy limitless benefits.

A transparent trailer or truck booking system implies that the rates are much lower. It is because the rates are finalized accurately on the basis current market conditions and there are no chances of overcharging, partiality or kickbacks. A transparent system also means that there is no problem regarding the brokers thus there is no tampering with original market prices.


Transparency means the rates are much lower as per the prevailing market conditions thus you will be able to provide the customers with accurate freight quotes. Since the quote you will be providing is accurate so it will increase your credibility among the customers and it will help in building a pool of trust between you and your customers.

If you succeed in establishing a transparent as well as efficient truck hiring system then you will be able to reduce the cost of Registration significantly. Moreover, the transparency of your business will facilitate the building of trust among the customers for your company and your credibility will also increase significantly among them. When all these factors will be accounted for then it will help your business to grow sustainably.

Now, it must be clear to you how important being transparent is for the sake of your business. So if you truly want to make your business transparent then it is the best time for you to register at LuniYa Roadways, which is the most innovative online platform for booking the trucks or trailers the like of which the country has never seen before. Transparency is a synonym for LuNiya Roadways and it shows the actual prices offered by the fleet owners which are fully negotiable. Use our digital platform or the mobile applications and get the transparency that your business requires.

How to reduce 1% freight cost for your Transport Company without any efforts

SThe truck industry of India is one of the most competitive industrial sectors; where above 90% of the total expense is due to the cost of freight. The transport industry claims the freight costs as their biggest expenses and most of the transport companies think that there is no way to minimize them. But that is not true; we at Luniya Roadways assure you that it is possible to reduce the freight costs to increase the savings. If you are able to do the saving then you will be able to beef up your profit by a margin of 1%. In the Indian truck industry, the outflow of the revenue has been branded as on one of the biggest reasons behind the increasing freight costs. The reason for this massive outflow is due to the lack of transparency in the system of booking.

Generally, all the truck bookings made in a transportation company is conducted by the brokers and that is where the problem lies. The brokers often charge more than the actual rates from the customers while booking and they also underpay the transportation companies; which means to maximize their personal profits the brokers play a dirty game with both the customers and the companies.

In most of the transportation companies the management is highly doubtful about making the booking system transparent due to the lack of consent from the branch staffs and in the fear of diminishing their profit margin.

Thus, at one side the transportation companies face problems due to their opaque booking system and on the other side most of the customers are lured to big transportation companies having well-established start-ups. Thus, if you want to survive in this competitive market then taking vigorous steps is the only option. How to overcome this problem

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